Christian Klotz MBA 2011

Christian Klotz Global Investments Associate, Pollux Capital, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

By attending the Berkeley-Columbia EMBA Program, Christian Klotz, a Brazilian hedge fund manager, increases his reach exponentially. He gains access to two highly diverse U.S. cities. He gets the chance to study in China, which he calls “the most important country in the world, economically.” And, after building a broad-based foundation in general management, he is taking high-level finance courses that continue to deepen his expertise.

“I didn’t want to stop working in order to go to business school. I wanted to complement what I was doing and gain an international focus.”

“I want to continue in my role as equity hedge fund manager. Initially, I had the idea that I would invest only in Brazil, but now that I’m having a global experience with my current company, I think it’s best to have a global focus. Through this program, I’m meeting people from all over the world, not only at the schools but also both cities, the Bay Area and New York.”

“The great thing about this program is that it combines Columbia and Berkeley, East Coast and West Coast. They are totally different from each other, in terms of students, culture, focus. It’s like doing two programs at once.”

“Columbia is more of a global school with focus on finance and management. Berkeley is more U.S.-focused, entrepreneurial in spirit, emphasis on green tech, bio tech, high tech.”

“Both schools are very involved with the community and are always generating valuable opportunities for students. I attended a speech that Warren Buffet and Bill Gates gave for Columbia students, and it was absolutely fantastic.”

“You can really explore—depending on what you want do—by spending more time at Columbia. I’m going to move to New York for my next term and go into more advanced finance courses, so I’ll be able to leverage my knowledge and implement these higher level strategies immediately in my career.”